Past Events

Past events include:

  • “Freelance contracts. Are you sure you want to sign?”: Charles Whipple;
  • Work in Tokyo Job Fair“: Presented in conjunction with ICA, Tokyo PC Users Group and Code J;
  • “Broad Tales”: Caroline Pover, author of Being A Broad in Japan, on the roller coaster road to success;
  • “From Magazine Editor to Multimedia Entrepreneur”: Kikuko Yano and Yoko Aoki, founders of;
  • “Cyberlaw and Cyberliberties: A debate in progress”: Prof Pauline C. Reich;
  • “Digital Communication Skills Workshop: email & the internet — what, when, where, who & why”: Kristen McQuillin;
  • “Reporting from the Northern Territories: The Untold Story”: Lucy Craft, freelance journalist & coordinator, Friends of the Kurilsky Nature Reserve;
  • “Building your presentation skills”: Paul Schellenberg, International Account Director, Hakuhodo;
  • “Yarasugi closes”: Sakura, the owner of a Ginza hostess bar, hosts IWIC in the bar’s last days;
  • “Wars, Quakes & Nukes”: LA Times reporter Valerie Reitman discusses a hectic few months in 1999;
  • Summer beer parties, Christmas parties and other opportunities for meeting colleagues;
  • “Domestic Violence in Japan”: Yoko Komiyama, Member of Upper House, Minshuto (Democratic Party); Keiko Ohtsu, Director of HELP Shelter; and Mary King, Japan on Foot;
  • Tour of TV Tokyo and Interview with the Producer of “Happy Stingy Families”;
  • “War Reporting From the Chechnya Frontline”: LA Times Tokyo Bureau Chief Sonni Efron;
  • “Press Clubs: Necessity or Barrier?”: a Debate with David Butts of Bloomberg News and Nobuaki Hanaoka of Sankei Shimbun;
  • “Don’t be Deceived, Learn to Read News Photos”: Kyodo News Photographer;
  • “The Challenge of Covering Japan’s Economic Crisis”: Business Week Contributing Editor and FCCJ President Robert Neff;
  • “In the Name of the Emperor”: Does Japan Have Freedom of Expression?;
  • “Keidanren: Corporate Japan and Women, Where to Next?”: Keidanren official;
  • “Journalists Around the World”. a series of informal discussion meetings with journalists from the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Europe and Asia;
  • “Sexual Harassment: Know Your Rights”: Leading Women’s Rights Lawyer;
  • “Aum Misreported: Media Unprepared for the Challenge?”: Reporters Covering Aum Shinrikyo;
  • “Crisis Management in Corporate Communications”: NEC PR official; 
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